Providence Season 2 Episode 23
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Providence Season 2 Episode 23

Providence Season 2 Episode 23

Providence Season 2 Episode 23 123movies, Gomovies, Fmovies.

Syd’s CAT Scan is being looked at her doctor & Jim the scan shows no damage to her brain. Syd wonders if she is dead her mom tells her she isn’t, Syd learns that her reason for being at Paradise Inn is to find if out her life is “”finished”” and in order to go back to her life she needs to use her heart, mind, & soul.

To find comfort Jim watches a tape to her his daughter’s voice, as she tries to sign the register for Paradise Inn Syd has a seizure. Bert is called to a fire. Jim thinks Syd was bitten by something that could have caused the seizure.

Lynda (Syd’s mom) takes her to meet the girls. Joanie tells Syd she loves Bert and plays a song that makes Syd want to leave the Inn.

Lynda doesn’t want her daughter to leave, Joanie learns the fire Bert is fighting got worse and fears Bert is dead. Jim begs for his daughter’s return.

Syd can go back to her life and squeezes both Jim & Joanie’s hands

Serie: Providence

Episode Title: Paradise InnParadise Inn

Air DAte: 2000-05-19